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How to choose a guitar - For beginners

If you're just getting started out with learning to play the guitar, usually your first step would be to buy one. At Shruthi Musicals, Kilpauk, we've seen thousands of such individuals over the last three decades.

We understand the anxiety involved and the questions that may be running through your head such as how much do I spend? What if I lose interest? Does wood quality matter? etc...

For most beginners, spending money on an expensive guitar is not something they would prefer doing, nor is it something we would recommend. However, within the more budget range, whether you buy from the low end of the spectrum or the high end depends on whether you're looking for a 'best friend' or a 'test dummy'.

Test Dummy:

These are guitars that are pretty much 'use-and-throw'. They are usually made of low quality woods such as plywoods and have average tones at best. What these guitars are good for is being a test dummy.

This is the best options for people who aren't going to take proper care of their guitar, and plan to buy much more expensive guitars when/if they get better. This way if at the end of your learning your guitar is scratched or warped, you won't feel too bad as you've not lost of money when compared to more expensive guitars.

Best Friend:

These guitars are on the higher end of the spectrum, but have better quality woods and tones than the base level guitars. These guitars are likely to last you further into your learning process. These guitars are ones you may even get attached to and would be added to your collection as you keep upgrading. Brands such as Yamaha provide quite a few options in this spectrum.

If you're in Chennai, drop by our store in Kilpauk and we would be happy to help you out in person.

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